Access to information Publication scheme

All public authorities covered by the Freedom of Information Act must adopt a publication scheme approved by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The scheme lists the classes of information that we routinely make available.

What is a publication scheme?

A publication scheme is a description of the kinds of information that a public authority should make routinely available, and the ways it makes information available.

Public authorities must adopt a publication scheme approved by the ICO. To make sure that there's consistency in the release of information, the ICO has developed a model publication scheme that any public authority can use. The publication scheme commits an authority to make information available as part of its normal business activities.

We've adopted the model scheme. This is our legal commitment to routinely make available the kinds of information which the ICO requires us to.

We're making the majority of information available free and through our website. Where we're unable to do so we've provided contact details that people can use to access the information, for example who to contact to arrange for information to be sent out to you, or where to come and view the information.

Requesting information from the publication scheme

If you can't find the information you think should be made routinely available on the website, or details of how you can obtain the information, please contact us and explain what you're looking for.