Access to information Request information about you

Please refer to our 'Your privacy' page before applying. 

We make sure that the information we keep about you is:

  • Relevant - we only collect information that we need in order to provide you with the service you require
  • Correct - to help us do this please let us know of any change in your personal details, such as a change of address
  • Kept confidential - from people who don't need to see it

How do I ask to see my information?

Request for personal information online form

In order to submit a request to see your information, please fill in our online form 

Do I have to pay to see my information? 

In most circumstances a fee won't be charged. However, where a request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, we may charge a reasonable fee for the administrative costs of complying with the request.

How will the information be provided?

Your information will usually be provided as a hard copy, sent by special delivery post, to your place of residence. In some circumstances, other arrangements can be made.

Can I see my children’s records? 

As a parent or guardian you can request access to education records until your child is 18 years old. This should be done directly to the school/college that your child attends.

For information other than education records, we'll consider whether the child is mature enough to understand their rights. If they are, we'll reply directly to the child or act on the child’s authority to provide it to a third party (eg parent, guardian or other).

Who is entitled to make a request?

In cases where a person isn't capable of understanding or exercising their rights because they are too young or suffer from a severe mental impairment, access requests may be made by parents or other persons who are legally able to act on their behalf. 

When will I receive the information?

In most cases we'll provide the response within one month.

Where can I get more information? 

You can get more information by contacting the Information Governance Team. 

You can also find more information about the Data Protection Act from the Information Commissioner’s website.