Births, deaths and ceremonies The legal requirements

Having your relationship legally recognised by getting married or entering into a civil partnership does require some legal involvement. There are things which have to be done and laws which must be obeyed in order for you to achieve your new status.

For all couples whether they are marrying in a church or in a civil ceremony, need to follow certain legal processes and not everyone will follow the same process.

If you're getting married in the Church of England in Shropshire, and neither of you are subject to immigration control, your vicar will normally read Banns for you. Your vicar will advise if you need to use the Civil Notice Process whereby you will need to engage with the register office.

If you're getting married in a church in the Shropshire Council Area which is not a church of England, you will need to contact us to complete your legal preliminaries.

If you're having a civil marriage or civil partnership in the Shropshire Council Area, you will need to give your legal notice of marriage or civil partnership to your local register office. In most cases that will be us, Shropshire Councils Registration and Celebratory Services. If you live outside of our area but your ceremony is to take place in our area you can find your local registrars easily by either looking at your local councils website or visiting the website.

For the latest advice, please check for the latest updates.

Key points to remember

  • Notices of marriage and civil partnership are valid for one year from the date on which they are given
  • At least 29 days must have passed before a legal ceremony can take place, unless there are exceptional circumstances and the Registrar General or Secretary of State has waived this requirement following application by the couple
  • When you're asked to state the place at which your ceremony will take place - this cannot be altered once notice has been given. If you change your mind then you will need to give fresh notices at your own cost
  • Please ensure that you read and understand what documentary evidence you are required to produce when you give notice - this list is prescribed by law, a registrar has no discretion
  • Any documents which are produced must be original and cannot be photocopies

What happens when I have given notice?

Once you have given notice we will make contact with you to confirm our mutual arrangements and provide you with any planning documents.

If you wish to amend your passport details in advance of your ceremony, you can do this by completing a PD2 form. Once this has been completed, if you're having a civil marriage in the Shropshire Council Area you should send it in to us at - The Register Office, Shirehall, Shrewsbury SY2 6ND, with a covering letter and your contact details. Once we receive the form we will make contact with you to take the fee of £25.00. The form will then be completed and returned by first class post.