Council budgets and spending Paying us for goods and services

Pay an invoice online

We've recently changed our website to make it easier for you to pay for council services. Paying us via our website is convenient for you and also enables us to save money on administration and bank charges. Simply select the 'make a payment now' button and choose the relevant service from the list, quoting your 16 digit reference number (seven-digit account number followed by nine-digit invoice number).

Alternatively, you can pay your Shropshire Council invoice using one of the following methods:

By direct debit

A safe, quick and easy way to pay, with a full guarantee against errors. Compared to other payment methods, monthly direct debiting offers you the following advantages:

  • Saves you time – no more cheques to write, no more queuing to pay!
  • Saves you money – no more stamps to buy!
  • Lower administration costs – by reducing handling costs you can ensure more of your money goes to frontline services!
  • Gives you piece of mind – your bank/building society makes sure your bill is paid on time!
  • Payment for someone else – eg an elderly relative
  • Full guarantee against errors – see the direct debit guarantee

Setting up a direct debit to pay your invoice is simple - call us using the contact details on this page to request a direct debit instruction.

You'll be notified of the amounts to be debited at least 14 days before the first payment date. If you have any queries about the direct debit scheme, contact us on 0345 678 9000.

By phone with a debit or credit card

Just ring 0345 678 9000 when a payment is due. Please make sure you have your account number, invoice number and debit or credit card ready when calling.

Telephone banking

Just call your bank and quote:

Account Name: SC Direct Credit Account
Bank: National Westminster Bank Plc
Mardol Head
Sort Code: 55-50-05
Account Number: 55636551

You must quote your full invoice reference to enable us to identify you.

Post office / Paypoint

You can pay your invoice using the barcode printed on your invoice at:

  • Any post office in the UK (cheque or cash)
  • Any Paypoint outlet in the UK (cash only)

Find a convenient post office or Paypoint near you.

Corporate debt recovery policy and Adult Social Care debt recovery policy

The council has a duty to recover outstanding debts and in doing so ensure that its processes are fair and consistent to everyone. The council has specific policies covering the collection of Sundry debts due to Shropshire Council and the collection of Adult Social Care debts due to Shropshire Council.

The policies ensure:

  • We minimise debt and maximise rates of collection.
  • We are consistent and co-ordinated in our approach.
  • We assist customers based on their ability to pay and individual financial circumstances.
  • We provide clear guidance for all council officers on the recording, reporting, recovery, and monitoring of debt.

Debts arising from Adult Social Care cannot be pursued in the same way as sundry debt under the same policy, so a specific Adult Social Care debt policy is in place. The principles that underpin the council’s approach to Adult Social Care debt are underpinned by the requirements of the Care Act 2014, which are as follows:

  • Possible debts are discussed with the person or their representative.
  • Arrangements for debt repayments are agreed between the relevant parties.
  • Repayments must be affordable, within a reasonable repayment period and by direct debit.
  • Court action will only be considered after all other reasonable avenues have been exhausted.

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