Council budgets and spending Swipe cards

There are a number of payment points available to our customers for cash collection services. For each council service included in the scheme we'll send you a plastic card, similar in size to a bank card, which will have your name and account number printed on the front. Whichever of the outlets you choose to pay at, you just hand over the card and make your payment. The cashier will swipe the card electronically, taking all your details automatically – it will be quick and easy.

A payment made will show on your account after two working days. It takes two working days for the credit to appear on our computer system. You'll have a different coloured card for each account. The card will be handed back to you, together with any change and an official receipt of payment.

Council services included in the scheme:

  • Council property housing rents

Where you can pay

You can pay at any post office or PayPoint (Paypoints can be found in local shopping centres, shops and supermarkets). The post office will accept cash or cheques with bank cards. PayPoint will only take cash.

You can pay at any location you choose, at any outlet in the scheme anywhere in the country, and you could use a different location or outlet each time you pay – whatever suits you best! So if you're away from home in the UK, just find a convenient post office or PayPoint near to where you are.

Lost card

We'll replace a lost card on request, free of charge – usually within seven days. A lost or stolen card is of no use to anyone else (unless they want to pay your bill for you), and doesn't show your address. Ring us on 01743 252070.