Council tax What does my online account do?

Using our Citizen Access portal, you can choose to receive your bills via email, tell us you’ve moved home, apply for or cancel single person’s discount, set up payment via Direct Debit for council tax and business rates or tell us you’re a full-time student or an apprentice.

You can also check the council tax band or rateable value of properties within our local authority area. All you need is some information that will be displayed on your latest bill or notice to access your account or register so you can use your own password.

From your online account you can:

  • View your business rates or council tax account details
  • Apply to pay your council tax by direct debit or change your bank details
  • Apply for or cancel a single person's discount
  • Let us know you're moving home (Please note that we can only accept notifications up to 14 days in advance)
  • Tell us you’re a full-time student
  • Tell us you’re an apprentice
  • Tell us someone in the household should be disregarded because they are classed as SMI (severely mentally impaired)

Please note – any changes submitted at this time of year will not be reflected in your annual council tax bill when you receive it in March.
However, please be assured you will receive an adjustment bill shortly afterwards confirming the changes.

Please note - this system will be unavailable between 7pm to 8pm each evening due to essential maintenance. Also, this may not work properly for those using assistive technologies such as screen readers.

... or for business rates