Transferring to secondary school

Children who are in Year 6 at a primary or junior school from September 2023 will transfer to secondary school in September 2024.

Applications should be made online. Use our guidance notes to help you make your application. If you have any queries or encounter any difficulties completing your application, please contact the School Admissions Team by email -

Please note that the online facility is open from 5 September 2023. You must apply by 31 October 2023. If there is a reason why your application is late i.e. due to a house move, please email to advise.

Applications received after 31 October, without exceptional reasons, are considered late. Late applications won't be processed until all the applications received on time have been allocated. This may result in your child not being offered a school place at you preferred school.

  • Shropshire Local Authority residents should use the Shropshire online portal to make their application for any English state secondary school. If the school you wish to apply to isn't there, please email with the name of the school, and we will get it added.

  • Shropshire residents may also use the portal to apply for secondary schools in Powys and Wrexham.

  • If you want to apply for a Shropshire school but do not reside in Shropshire Council authority area, please refer to our who to apply to page. Telford local authority residents must apply via Telford and Wrekin Council not Shropshire Council.

  • Applicants from either overseas, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland can use the Shropshire Council website to make an application for a Shropshire school.

  • If an application is made through this portal from a resident in another English authority other than Shropshire it will be discarded.

Before making an application:

  • Ensure you read the Parent’s Guide to Education in Shropshire. This guide provides all the correct information to help you make your application
  • Check you are in the catchment area for your preferred schools. You can view catchment area maps to check 
  • Is the school you're applying to an oversubscribed school and do you understand the admission arrangements for your preferred school(s). You can view how school places were allocated in previous years
  • How will your child get to school - will they be entitled to free transport?
  • If you're naming schools outside of Shropshire on your Shropshire application, you'll need to contact the appropriate local authority for the information on school admission arrangements in their area.
  • Note the importance of naming more than one school on your application, particularly when not applying for your catchment/nearest school.(See page 35 of Parent’s Guide for further information)

Ensure that you're happy with the application before you submit it. The online portal doesn't allow you to change your application once it's been submitted and downloaded by the Admissions Team. If you do need to amend your application after you have submitted it, you must email

Our online portal

Please remember that applications received after the deadline 31 October, without exceptional reasons, are considered late.

The National Offer Day for secondary schools is 1 March 2024. You will be able to log back into your account to view the outcome of your application. You will also receive an email.