Broadband availability in Shropshire

According to thinkbroadband, over 98% of premises in the Shropshire Council area have access to a superfast broadband connection of at least 30mbps.

The broadband infrastructure that serves premises in Shropshire is owned and maintained by one or more of the following privately owned companies:

To find out which networks serve your property at which speeds, please use the Ofcom broadband checker or check with the broadband infrastructure suppliers themselves.

Airband Community Internet Limited received public subsidy to build superfast broadband infrastructure to serve 12,501 premises in the Shropshire Council area. A list of the premises and broadband connection type (wireless or fibre) is available to view.

Alternative broadband networks may also be available using satellite and/or 4G mobile technology:


Satellite broadband uses signals to transfer data to/from satellites in space removing the need for phone lines, fibre cables, good mobile phone reception, etc.

4G mobile

4G mobile broadband is increasingly available in Shropshire as the mobile network operators expand and improve their networks. To check availability, please use the Ofcom mobile coverage checker.

The UK is served by four Mobile Network Operators:

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