Shropshire Council Community Tree Scheme 2023/24

**Community Tree Scheme now closed for 2023**

We've kept the following information live as it might be useful for you to know how the scheme works if you're considering applying next year.

Building on the success of last year's scheme, our subsidised tree scheme for the 2023/24 planting season is now open to applications. This year, residents, landowners, farmers, community groups, businesses and charities can apply for trees that are subsidised at a 50% cost by Shropshire Council. The applicant is responsible for paying the remaining 50%. We made the decision to launch a subsidised tree scheme due to a reduction in funding and because this will double the number of trees that we can get in the ground, compared to a free tree scheme.

We're focusing on planting groups of native trees and shrubs as copses and small areas of woodland, to maximise the benefits for landscape and wildlife around the county. There will also be the option of planting small amounts of native hedgerow, either to ‘gap up’ existing hedgerows or to create short lengths of new ones where this improves habitat continuity or connectivity. The planted trees and hedges will also ‘lock up’ carbon and provide other environmental benefits as they grow and mature, contributing in their own small way towards our ambition of making Shropshire net zero carbon by 2030.

Under this year’s scheme, the trees are being provided in pre-arranged species mixes under options covering three broad types of planting situations commonly encountered around the county, and a native hedgerow mix:

Woodland for general ‘lowland’ planting sites
English oak (20%), sessile oak (20%), small-leaved lime (20%), wild cherry (10%), hazel (10%), rowan (10%), hawthorn (5%) and crab apple (5%)

Woodland for 'upland'/exposed sites
Sessile oak (50%), silver birch (15%), beech (10%), rowan (10%), hawthorn (10%) and crab apple (5%)  

Woodland for damp/poorly drained sites
Common alder (35%), downy birch (20%), crack willow (10%), goat willow (10%), aspen (10%), osier (5%), hazel (5%) and guelder rose (5%)

Native hedgerow mix
Hawthorn (35%), field maple (20%), blackthorn (15%), hazel (15%), dog rose (5%), dogwood (5%) and guelder rose (5%)

The mixes above are available in bundles of 20 trees and will cost £20.40 (inc VAT) per bundle (half-price), including a bamboo cane and spiral tree guard. All trees will be either bare root whips or cell grown, and between 20cm – 80cm when you receive them, and could look similar to this...

Further information on tree planting and related resources can be found at: 

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Terms and conditions

Subsidised Tree Scheme 2022 terms and conditions