Request a minerals search report

To request a minerals search report, please email your local planning office attaching a location plan of the property (of 1:2500 scale or similar):

When we receive your request, we'll contact you to advise on the cost This will be based on the time it takes to prepare the report. The current hourly rate (effective 1 April 2023) is £85.00. Payment will be taken in advance and should be made online via the Shropshire Council website. Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque made payable to ‘Shropshire Council’ and marked for the attention of Development Management - Minerals and Waste

We aim to send out your report within three days or receiving payment.

What the report covers

  • Whether the property is situated within a Mineral Safeguarding Area or Mineral Consultation Area, which identify areas of potentially economic mineral resources.

    Note that:

    A Minerals Safeguarding Area is an area designated by a Mineral Planning Authority which covers known deposits of minerals which are desired to be kept safeguarded from unnecessary sterilisation by non-mineral development

    A Minerals Consultation Area is a geographical area, based on a Mineral Safeguarding Area, where the district or borough council should consult the Mineral Planning Authority for any proposals for non-minerals development

  • Any planning permissions granted for quarrying or related operations on land near to the property, and the status of that site (e.g. active, closed, dormant, not commenced)
  • Mineral-related policies of the Development Plan relating to the land surrounding the property. This could include details of land identified by the plan for future mineral working
  • Any planning applications submitted to us for quarrying or related operations near to the property
  • Details of records that we hold relating to areas of former metal mining in Shropshire, such as the South Shropshire Metal Mines. These records include studies undertaken in relation to lead mining

Please note: In most cases, these reports can't provide information relating to quarrying or underground mining activity which occurred before the start of the modern planning system (i.e. pre-1940).