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Book clubs and reading groups

For the opportunity to discuss books and reading why not join or set up a reading group?

Adult reading made easy

We support adults who would like to improve their literacy and reading skills.

Adult Reading Scheme - books for people who want to improve their reading skills or who are learning English

  • Graded Readers – These books allow readers to work through a variety of levels from very basic to short novels and non-fiction
  • Gatehouse Readers – These books are written for adults with very limited literacy, or who speak very little English.
  • Barrington Stoke – These books are for people with moderate literacy and are printed on yellow paper to assist those with dyslexia.

For details about this collection, speak to staff at your local library.

Quick Reads - a series of short books by bestselling authors which includes fiction and non-fiction. Look out for special stands in our libraries. Quick Reads are ideal for:

  • Anyone who enjoys reading but is short of time, for example, parents with young children, carers, people who work long hours
  • People who have not been in the habit of reading, but who want to start reading again
  • ‘Bus reads’ – a short read for a journey on public transport
  • People who have difficulty holding heavy books or find it difficult to remember complex plots