A pupil is entitled to school transport assistance if attending full-time at the nearest denominational school where the religious education provided is significantly different from that provided in community schools and is of the religion or denomination to which at least one parent adheres, and,

  • for primary aged pupils, the distance between the home and the school is between two and six miles.
  • for secondary aged pupils, the distance between the parent’s home and the school is between three and 16 miles, or assistance is given from the outer 16 mile limit for pupils transferring from a denominational primary school catchment which is within 16 miles whilst the pupil’s residence is outside of the 16 mile limit. In this instance it will be for parents to meet the cost of transport to the outer limit of 16 miles. All distances are measured by the shortest pedestrian route.

Entitled pupils will receive transport assistance, bespoke transport is not provided. Please refer to the guidance notes below for the types of assistance provided.

Apply for travel assistance

If your child is attending the nearest denominational school but still has to travel, they may be eligible for assistance.

If you don't wish to apply online you can download the paper version of the form and the guidance notes

For applicants with a statement of special educational needs or an education, health and care plan you'll need to apply to our SEN team.