HRC e-permit FAQs

How can I apply for a permit?

The easiest way to apply is to create a My Shropshire account on the MyShropshire website. (Please note that you'll need a new account, and any online self-service accounts previously used to apply for permits won't work). After creating the account just select the waste management link to apply for ePermits. If you have any questions about the process you can call 0345 6789 007. Your new MyShropshire account can be used to request many other types of service from Shropshire Council.

How long will it take to apply for and receive my permit?

The online application process is much shorter than previously as we no longer have to rely on printing paper permits and sending them through the post. After you've applied successfully the permit is granted, meaning you can use our sites straight away.

How will the system work when I visit a household recycling centre?

When you visit any of the sites with a vehicle that requires a permit you'll need to show your driving licence as proof of your address. A site attendant will then verify your information electronically and deduct the visit from your online MyShropshire account.

Can more than one person share a permit?

Yes, visits are allocated to an address. You can have multiple people registered under one permit, as long as they all live at that address. There is still a limit of 12 permits per address in a twelve-month period.

Will I now receive my permits by email?

No, your permits are now digital and managed online, although you'll still receive a confirmation email when you've successfully applied. You can see how many visits you have left and their details on the MyShropshire homepage. The only thing you need to take with you to site is proof of address in the form of a valid driver’s licence.

Are the vehicle restrictions and allocation of visits changing?

No, the vehicle restrictions that have always been in place are not changing. You're still issued 12 visits per 12 month period. Details on vehicle restrictions can be found on our permit information page.

Are the waste types I can take changing?

No, the sites aren't changing and will still accept all the waste types that we did before. Trade waste is still strictly forbidden. It's illegal to bring trade waste or any waste carried for profit to a council-run waste site.

Will I still get paper permits sent in the post?

No, the permits are now digital. The site attendants will take off one visit for every trip you make to a recycling centre. You must provide proof of address in the form of a valid driving licence to a site attendant each time you visit the site in a van or with a trailer, as this validates your permit.

How will I know how many visits I have left?

You can log in to the MyShropshire homepage where you'll see displayed how many visits you have left, as well as when your last visit was (you'll need to ensure that you're signed in first, and if you don't have an account you'll need to register).

Can I apply for permits if I live outside the Shropshire Council area?

No, permits are only issued to residents of the Shropshire Council area as the sites are funded by council tax.

Can I still use Telford and Wrekin sites?

Yes, the process will be the same at Telford sites.