How to stop junk mail

The Mailing Preference Service (MPS)

The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) is a free service enabling consumers to have their names and home addresses in the UK removed from mailing lists.

Do you get too much junk mail? Well you can save paper and reduce waste by following these simple steps.

  1. Register online with the free Mailing Preference Service using the button above. You can also register by phoning 0845 703 4599.
  2. To stop Royal Mail delivering unaddressed ('to the occupier') mail you need to email (don’t worry, you’ll still get all your important mailings, such as electoral information).

Top tips

  • Display a polite ‘No junk mail’ notice on your door to stop unwanted items of locally delivered junk mail, such as free papers and flyers
  • Avoid joining new mailing lists - remember to tick the box to say you don’t want to receive mailings from other organisations
  • Contact the telephone directory companies to ask them to take you off their distribution lists
  • Sign up to paperless billing with your bank and utility providers

By following these simple steps you could prevent 250 pieces (11 kg) of unwanted mail each year!

  • Remember to recycle - if any junk mail still happens to slip through the net, don’t forget to recycle it with your newspapers.