Recycling tips

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What plastic packaging can I recycle?

You can put plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays in your recycling box. Please remove any plastic film from pots and trays. Please don't bag your items as this cause issues with the machinery used to sort your recycling.


Plastic packaging examples
Plastic packaging examples


Can I recycle food and drink cartons?

Unfortunately, we can't accept food and drink cartons in your recycling box or blue bag. If you wish to recycle these please take them to your nearest recycling centre. Otherwise you can put them in your black rubbish bin.


Plastic carton examples
Plastic carton examples


How can I recycle items from the bathroom?

Some people use a bag on the back of the door, others use a second bin. If you have any other suggestions get in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

Where can I find more information on what do to with different items?

Our partners at Recycle Now have an extensive A-Z on what to do with items.