Repair cafes

Have you heard of repair cafes? They were originally set up in the Netherlands in 2009 with the aim of helping people fix items for free to avoid waste and to build a sense of community. Currently there are six repair cafes in Shropshire...

...and over 1619 across the world, in 33 countries.

The six Shropshire repair cafes are run by the community for the community. Skilled menders and talented amateurs give their time and expertise for free to help people fix items that might have otherwise been thrown away. They usually run monthly, and depending on who is there and what skills they have, they will attempt to fix everything from hairdryers to bikes to jewellery.

What happens at a repair cafe?

You'll be met by a volunteer, they'll ask you to fill in some paperwork and then you'll be given a number. When the mender you need is available, you'll be shown to their work station. Then you'll get to watch as your item is hopefully fixed. As you leave, hand in your paperwork and don’t forget to leave your donation.

Repair cafes are an amazing community resource, staffed by people who give their time for free. Perhaps you have some time or skills that you could contribute? Volunteers of all description are always needed, so if you have any admin skills or are good with social media, consider popping along to your repair cafe to find out if you can help.