Working towards a zero-waste lifestyle

Working towards a zero-waste lifestyle is a commendable ambition, but here’s the reality - it won’t happen overnight.

Not only are we constrained by our 'throwaway society' but producers and manufacturers are only slowly making changes that allow us, the consumer, to change how we purchase goods and products.

But every little helps, so start small and work towards a zero-waste lifestyle in stages.

Assess your waste

Dig through your bin – well kind of! The easiest place to start is by assessing where your waste is coming from and focus on those areas. Is it food waste, packaging, toiletry containers, clothes? There are solutions for every type of material.


Maybe you’re throwing away a lot of ‘on the go’ rubbish such as coffee cups, sandwich wrappers or crisp packets? Prioritise getting a reusable coffee cup, packing your own lunch, or switching snacks to something healthier like fruit.

Are you a product buyer and throwing away lots of unfinished shampoo, lotion and soap bottles? Look into zero-waste alternatives such as shampoo bars, and bulk-buy beauty creams in your own containers from a zero-waste shop.

Replace items as they run out

There would be no point in buying all zero-waste alternatives at once and throwing out unused items because they’re not sustainable – that would be wasteful! So remember, it’s a process and replace items only as they run out.