What happens to my recycling?

In 2021-22 Shropshire Council residents recycled 52% of all their waste. This figure means that Shropshire is currently ranked 53rd out of 333 local authorities in England. We couldn’t do this without your continued commitment to recycling. Thank you!

Once all your recycling has been collected, our collection crews take it back to one of our five transfer stations. From here it's bulked up and sent on to reprocessors.

Plastic cans and glass

Your plastics cans and glass are sent to a materials recovery facility, where they're further separated. Our video explains more:

Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard is sent to a paper mill to be recycled into more paper. Our video explains more:

Garden waste

Garden waste is sent to local farms where it's composted. Our video explains more:

Food waste

If you live in the former north Shropshire, south Shropshire or Shrewsbury and Atcham districts you can add food waste to your garden bin. This video shows how we treat your food waste:

Remember if you live in the former Oswestry or Bridgnorth districts you can't add food to your garden bin. If you're unsure contact us.