Local Transport Plan

We're currently developing the fourth Local Transport Plan (LTP) for Shropshire.

The LTP process is the key mechanism through which Shropshire Council, as a local transport authority, can set out the long-term strategy for the development, management and maintenance of Shropshire’s highway and transport network. It's currently planned that the next LTP will run to 2038.

Our transport network is vital for meeting the everyday access needs of Shropshire’s residents, workers, businesses and visitors. It also has a significant role to play in place-making, enabling economic growth, protecting the environment and promoting good public health.

The LTP will set out the overarching vision, objectives and priorities for transport and highways at both strategic and operational levels in Shropshire. It will inform specific Shropshire Council activities relating to things like network management and safety, the efficient and effective management of highway assets, active travel and public transport. 

The LTP will also include a plan for short-, medium- and long-term transport improvements to achieve the objectives of the plan. 

In 2021, the government announced plans to issue new guidance on LTPs for local transport authorities. Whilst this guidance has not yet been issued, work has begun on updating the evidence base for the new LTP and in better understanding current and future carbon emissions associated with transport in Shropshire.

It's anticipated that a range of engagement and consultation activities on the new LTP will take place in 2024.