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Diverse Communities: Promoting Equality and Inclusion

This is an awareness level introduction to equality/equity and inclusion while looking at a range of protected characteristics.

Domestic Abuse Virtual Briefing

Awareness training for Domestic Abuse.

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Dysphagia Awareness, Care and Exploring Modified Diets

Improve responses to the needs of adults with swallowing difficulties. Looking at signs, symptoms and problems caused by Dysphagia. Exploring the IDDSI levels.

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  • at Shirehall

Introduction to Sexual Violence

Training to increase knowledge and awareness of sexual violence / abuse.

Korsakoff Syndrome Awareness (Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome)

Raise your awareness of Korsakoff Syndrome as a diagnosis and to gain knowledge around prevention and management.

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Learning Disability: Makaton L1 and L2

Introduce basic Makaton as a means of supporting total communication within health and social care settings

Maastricht Interview for Problematic Thoughts (3 day training)

A three day interactive workshop. Learn how to apply a structured approach to understanding problematic thoughts, beliefs and paranoia and use strategies for helping people manage their experience.

Maastricht Interview for Voices (3 day training)

This three day workshop provides training for professionals in mental health care to work with people who hear voices. The method involves accepting and making sense of a person’s voices and tries to establish a link between what the voices say and their life experiences as a means of providing both relief and the possibility of recovery.

Making Best Interests Decisions Level 2/3

Training to improve skills in making and recording best interests decisions.

Medicines Management in Care

Training to improve knowledge of medication administration in care settings.

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