Compliments and feedback

Feedback directly from families who have worked with Stepping Stones:

"K said that their situation has improved and that the name Stepping Stones speaks for itself. K expressed that it was a nice halfway team; someone to offer support for them and be there for them to ensure their child could be with them. They stated it worked well for them and also added that they couldn't have done it without Matt (Stepping Stones residential outreach worker); 'To have Matt there was really helpful. He came round more often and really listened to me.'"

"X shared that initially they weren't sure what the role of Stepping Stones was but Katherine (Stepping Stones residential outreach worker) was very helpful and understanding of this; she spent time with them discussing the team's ethos and how they would be working with them as a whole family. X felt that Katherine was 'an excellent listener' and always gave them 'time to talk about anything on my mind'. They said this helped them feel able to trust Katherine and assured them that she was working with them as a family to 'make things work'. X said that Katherine understood that the most important thing was for them to have their family back at home with them, 'that this was their forever home, and Katherine understood this'. When asked if Katherine helped to improve their situation X shared that she felt things were going well for them as a family and that the plans for the children to return home were already in place, but having Katherine to support this 'helped us all and made it easier'. X discussed that Katherine was always on time, if running late would let them know, and was understanding if X needed to postpone an appointment or change the time. X wanted to record that 'Katherine was brilliant with my children, made them smile, listened to them and they looked forward to seeing her'. X added that Katherine 'went out of her way to help find clubs that they could join, and it meant a lot that she wanted to do this for them.'"

Feedback from a parent regarding an FGC:

"Thank you so much for the meeting yesterday. I am so grateful to you all for coming together and giving focus and priority to the children. I am relieved that finally, I have a good, strong, robust group who can work together to try and find a pathway out of this terror. To offer a better life for them, happiness, space to grow and learn that they are dearly loved.

I know this is no quick fix, but I am finally reassured that I am being heard, being supported and that things can move forward."