Street care and cleaning Dogs and the dog warden

Role of the Dog Warden

  • Promote responsible dog ownership, through education and advice
  • Collect stray dogs within Shropshire
  • Issue fixed penalty notices for offences that contravene the dog control orders which are in force throughout Shropshire
  • Assist police in the detention of dangerous dogs
  • Ensure the safety of any dog that is found
  • Maintain a stray dog register
  • Assess the suitability of households on taking dogs from re-homing kennels
  • Run campaigns and promotions related to this service

Reporting a lost, stray or found dog

Our dog wardens respond to complaints of stray and lost dogs on a regular basis. If you wish to report a stray or lost dog, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 678 9006.

You can also report the issue online. 

If you have picked up a stray dog, call the dog warden who will then collect it from you. It is not advisable to pursue a dog which is unwilling to be handled, but you can advise the dog warden of its whereabouts.

The dog warden will attempt to find the dog and catch it. The warden has the training, experience and equipment to do this safely.

The dog will be taken to the kennels to await collection, or re-homing. A stray-dog collection fee and kennelling fees are payable by the owner upon collection of their dog. Unclaimed dogs will be re-homed after 7 days.

Lost your dog?

Please remember to report your lost dog to the us as there is a chance that our dog warden could have picked it up if it was found whilst on patrol, or temporarily taken in by a member of the public.