Street care and cleaning Fly-posting

Report fly-posting online

Please provide as much information about the location where you have seen fly-posting as you can. 

What is fly-posting?

The unauthorised placing of advertising, usually posters, stickers or signs, on public or private property.

Why is it a problem?

It makes an area look untidy, may cover important notices, and can be very costly to remove.

Will we remove all fly-posting?

We're responsible for removing fly-posting from public buildings or council property. If the fly-posting is offensive and on private property, we may consider arranging to have it removed more promptly, and recharge the relevant landowner.

I've noticed some fly-posting - how can I get it removed?

You can report it online by selecting the "report fly-posting" button, or phone 0345 678 9006. Please include the road name, location, town name and whether it's of racist or an otherwise offensive nature. Even if it's on private property, we may be able to contact the property owner and ask them to remove it.

When are notices issued?

Environmental crime reports or fixed penalty notices will be issued when there is sufficient evidence to do so.