Motorcycle safety

Every year thousands of people are killed or seriously injured on our roads. Motorcyclists suffer disproportionately. They represent less than 1% of road traffic, but account for almost 18% of deaths and serious injuries; they are 45 times more likely to be killed than a car driver. In Shropshire in 2016 there were three fatal and 18 serious motorcycle road accident casualties and 34 slight road accident casualties.

Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists

Think about developing your skills further - it can be a good investment in relation to your own safety. Consider advanced or ‘refresher’ courses. Using the 'Police' system of control you'll be in the right place on the road, travelling at the correct speed, with the correct gear engaged and able to stop safely within the distance you can see to be clear.

The courses run throughout the year. An observer is allocated to the motorcyclist who rides with them on a one-to-one basis to put the theory into practice.

The Telford and Wrekin Advanced Motorcyclists Group covers the whole of Shropshire. For more information please contact Paul Collyer on 01952 618442, or visit the I am roadsmart website.

Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders

A good motorcycle rider never stops learning. Because vehicles and riding conditions are constantly changing, you need to review, adapt and improve your riding skills accordingly just to keep pace. The best way to monitor your true riding ability is to put it to the ultimate test — the RoSPA advanced riding test. Nationally recognised and conducted by Police Class 1 advanced certificate holders, it's generally regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging test of its kind available to the general public. The test must be retaken every three years to ensure that the qualification carries real worth, both to you and other road users.

If you’d like to find out more about putting yourself to the ultimate riding test, start by contacting Shropshire and Powys Advanced Riders (SAPAR). SAPAR is a local group of RoSPA advanced riders and drivers.