Healthy organisation

Focused strategic objective

Align everything behind our vision/priorities. Tell everyone that Shropshire Council is a great place to be.

Bulleted strategic objectives

  • Best workforce
  • Absorb, adapt, anticipate
  • Communicate well
  • Align our resources
  • Strong councillors

We'll enable a skilled, happy, healthy, diverse, inclusive, empowered, and proud workforce that influences and leads change, addressing any inequalities.

We'll continuously develop our response to disruptive incidents affecting Shropshire communities, strengthening our ability to absorb shock, adapt and make changes, sustain positive change, and anticipate future shocks.

We will communicate clearly and transparently about what Shropshire Council delivers, signposting to the right places for services and support, and listen to what communities say about their place and what they need.

We'll put our resources in the right place using accurate data, insights, and evidence to support the delivery of the organisation’s priorities, and balance the books.

We'll ensure that councillors are supported to advocate for their constituents but to also be ambassadors for the council.

What this will mean for you

Quicker access to information, advice, and answers to your questions using suitable mechanisms such as digital technology, which will include informing healthy behaviours, and supporting good mental health and wellbeing.

A strong, well-governed decision making process that delivers effective services and projects for Shropshire communities and the continued ability to participate fully in the democratic process.

Effective and timely responses to situations and incidents that impact Shropshire’s communities such as flooding and pandemics, including information, support, and coordination.

More opportunities to get involved in sharing your views about where you live and the services you receive.

Decisions that are taken about where you live will be made using a strong evidence base which supports a better understanding of the likely impacts on Shropshire communities.