Council tax Council tax exemptions

There are some circumstances where you don't have to pay council tax - these are known as exemptions.

The following information is intended as a guide only, and all exemptions are subject to qualifying criteria and verification.

Exemptions relating to personal circumstances

You don't need to pay council tax if you're:

  • Under 18
  • Severely mentally impaired
  • In prison or detention – except for non-payment of local tax or fines
  • A school or college leaver
  • A full-time student
  • A student nurse
  • An apprentice or youth training trainee
  • Receiving care in a registered care home
  • A resident of a hostel
  • A member of a religious community who is dependant on the community and has no personal income
  • A non-British spouse of a full time student whose visa restricts work or claiming benefits 
  • 18 or 19 years old and receive child benefit
  • A long-term hospital patient
  • Receiving or giving care elsewhere
  • A member or dependant of an international headquarters or a defence organisation
  • A member or dependent of visiting forces
  • Someone with diplomatic privilege or immunity

Exemptions relating to property

You don't need to pay council tax if the property is:

  • Owned by a charity, and in the first six months of occupation
  • Unoccupied since the death of a person who had a freehold interest in the dwelling, or a leasehold interest of six months or more
  • Unoccupied because occupation is forbidden by law
  • Unoccupied and awaiting occupation by a minister of religion
  • Left empty by students
  • Unoccupied because of repossession and the mortgagee is in possession
  • Held as armed forces accommodation and owned by the secretary of state for defence
  • Unoccupied, and is the responsibility of a bankrupts trustee
  • An unoccupied caravan pitch or unoccupied boat mooring
  • An annex or self-contained part of a property which is occupied by a dependant relative of the family in the other part of the property

Apply for an exemption

In order to receive an exemption, you must make a claim, which is subject to verification by Shropshire Council.

If you believe you may be entitled to one of these exemptions, or have any other queries, please contact us.