Libraries Concessionary membership

Eligibility criteria

You're eligible for concessionary membership if you would describe yourself as having any of the following:

  • A physical disability
  • A learning difficulty
  • Another disability/need
  • Dyslexia

Or if you are:

  • A carer
  • A Skills for Life student (over 18)
  • Housebound

How to apply for concessionary membership

Already a member?

If you're already a member of the library and think you may be eligible, please contact us with your membership number. This is on your card and starts 'DD'.

Contact us

Not a member? 

If you aren't already a member of the library, please complete an application. When you or your carer visits the library to collect your membership card just let the staff know that you're entitled to concessionary membership and they'll set it up for you.