Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

The Blue Badge Scheme is aimed to help disabled people with severe mobility problems to access goods and services, by allowing them to park close to their destination. The scheme is open to eligible disabled people irrespective of whether they're travelling as a driver or passenger.

The scheme provides a national range of on-street parking concessions to blue badge holders. It allows them to park without charge or time limit in otherwise restricted on-street parking environments, and allows them to park on yellow lines for up to three hours, unless a loading ban is in place.

Badges may be issued to an individual or an organisation.

There are no age restrictions on applying as an individual, and any can apply for a blue badge, but in order for you to be issued a badge you must fully satisfy certain conditions and meet one or more of the below set national qualifying criteria. We have no legal right to alter or issue outside of these criteria. The quickest and easiest way for you, or the person acting on your behalf (family/friend or your representative), to apply for or renew your badge is online using the green button on this page. You'll need the following when completing your application:

  • National insurance number
  • Passport photo
  • Details of your current badge if you have one
  • Proof of identification (passport, birth certificate etc)
  • Proof of address (council tax bill or government letter)
  • Supporting qualifying evidence

Please note: we aim to process a complete application within 12 weeks. Please be advised that by providing an incomplete application the application process time may be extended. 

Apply or renew online now

You can also apply for a disabled parking space by downloading and completing our application form.

Blue Badge eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a Blue Badge you must satisfy/continue to satisfy one of the set national criteria. We don't have any legal power to alter or issue/reissue a badge outside these criteria.

Applying as an organisation

Blue Badges may be issued to an organisation for use in a motor vehicle used solely for the purpose of transporting disabled people who would themselves be eligible for a badge. An organisation is defined as meaning one concerned with the ‘care and transport’ of disabled persons to which a disabled person's badge may be issued. An organisation is required to complete one application per eligible vehicle. Each application will need to provide supporting information in order for us to assess eligibility.

To support your application, you are required to provide the following:

  • Details of the nature of care provided and what the badge will be used for
  • The number of disabled people that are in the care of your organisation
  • The number of disabled people that are already in receipt of an individual Blue Badge
  • Vehicle registration number for each vehicle
  • Proof the vehicle is registered to your organisation – V5 or Lease Agreement
  • Organisational logo

In all circumstances, badges will only be supplied to eligible organisations upon receipt of a full valid application. One badge will be issued per vehicle. Vehicles not registered to the organisation will be expected to use an individual’s Blue Badge. As would a taxi or private hire operator and community transport operator.

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