Pay a penalty charge notice

Payment of a penalty charge notice

To pay online, you'll need to have your debit or credit card and penalty charge notice reference number beginning with 'ZX' ready.

If you don't wish to pay online, you can pay your parking penalty over the phone with a debit or credit card and the ZX number from the penalty charge notice by calling our payments line on 0345 678 9009 or our customer services team on 0345 678 9019.

By law, we're obliged to pursue the full recovery of any outstanding penalty charge (parking/moving traffic fine). The amount owed increases the longer it remains unpaid. 

If you pay a penalty charge notice within the discount period, you'll only have to pay half of the charge. After the discount period, the full amount is due. 

  • For a PCN issued in respect of parking contraventions the discount period is 14 days  
  • For a PCN issued in respect of moving traffic contraventions the discount period is 21 days  

I've lost the penalty charge notice

  • Email with the vehicle registration number. Please supply as much information as possible, ie date of issue, where the vehicle was parked (name of street or car park)
  • Alternatively, you can call our customer services team on 0345 678 9019 

Please allow 24 hours after the PCN has been issued.

If you don't think a penalty charge notice (PCN) should have been issued, you have the option to appeal. If you intend to appeal the PCN, don't make a payment as it will close the case down, meaning that we're unable to investigate.