Commenting on applications

Planning applications are now publicised by site notices, and press notices where applicable. Neighbour notification letters are no longer issued and therefore any interested parties are advised to register for notifications, and to track applications on the council website, via the online planning register.

Only material planning considerations can be taken into account. The Planning Portal has further information on what constitutes a material planning consideration. When commenting on an application you should be aware that the following areas are not considerations:

  • Nobody has a right to a view from their property. We cannot control the effects of new development on the outlook from an existing property, except in the general case of residential amenity
  • Impact on the valuation of property
  • The cost of a development is not a material consideration, and we have no jurisdiction to prevent expensive projects
  • Loss of trade or increased competition
  • Personal interests or civil disputes
  • Personal circumstances are not a material planning consideration