Pre-application advice request form

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Select the download button for the pre-application advice request form.  

Thinking of carrying out building works? Discuss your proposal with us first before submitting your application.

We're committed to providing an efficient and effective planning service, and recognise the value of pre-application discussions as part of this process.

The benefits of using our pre-application advice service include:

  • An understanding of how national and local guidance and policies will be applied to your development
  • Potential for reducing the time your professional advisors spend in working up the proposals
  • An indication of those proposals that are completely unacceptable, so saving you the cost of pursuing a formal application
  • Written confirmation of the advice given to you at the pre-application stage
  • Advice that is consistent, reliable, up-to-date and tailored to the specific development
  • Comprehensive information on what you need in order for your application to be validated and considered by the authority