Pre-application advice

Pre-application fees

The pre-application advice charges (effective 1 April 2024)

Submit pre-application

Thinking of carrying out building works? Discuss your proposal with us before submitting your application.

Is it mandatory?

No, you don't have to obtain pre-application advice from us. However, if an application is submitted which requires significant change where pre-application advice hasn't been sought or followed, then it's likely that decisions will be taken without further opportunity to amend schemes. This is likely to incur further costs to you through submitting additional applications.

Check which planning area the site address is in?

Use the planning area interactive map to check which planning area the site is in, so you know where to send your application.

What do I need to send?

Complete the pre-application advice form and send it together with the following documents:

  • A location and site plan (giving post code where appropriate)
  • Sketches of the proposal
  • Photographs of the site and surroundings
  • The appropriate fee (see pre application advice charges document)
  • A brief summary of the proposals
  • A list of any key issues for which you require a specific response

Who can I contact for further information?

We aim to provide an excellent service to our customers, and if you have any feedback on either our pre-application guidance notes or any good or bad experiences of the pre-application process, you can send your comments by e-mail as follows:

If I pay for the advice will it secure my planning permission?

No. All advice is given without prejudice to the outcome of any subsequent application. Your application will be subject to consultation with interested parties and, dependent on the views expressed, this may affect the outcome of your application. Notwithstanding the above, our approach will always be proactive and positive and should be consistent with any subsequent advice you may be given by officers.

What can I expect for my money?

Response within 28 working days from the date of receipt for householder and advertisement proposals, and within six weeks for all other types of proposals, unless a longer time period is agreed with you based on the complexity of the proposal. If further action is required we will advise you at this stage.

Will there be a meeting?

Please refer to our charging schedule.

If you require a bespoke service you should also review our Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) service. This should be discussed and an approach agreed during initial pre-application discussions.

Will I get specialist advice on specific technical issues?

We have a range of technical specialists in the following areas:

  • Highways and access
  • Green travel plans
  • Cycling provision
  • Ecology
  • Landscape
  • Rights of way
  • Aboriculture
  • Conservation and design
  • Public protection
  • Drainage
  • Archaeology

Your appointed lead officer will co-ordinate the input of these specialisms, dependent on the scale and nature of the development proposed. They will be invited to attend meetings as considered necessary by the lead planning officer.

Are there any exemptions?

We won't charge for pre-application advice for the following:

  • Works to trees in conservation areas
  • Works to protected trees
  • Single plot exception sites for affordable housing (relates only to whether someone is eligible to apply, normal pre-application advice should be sought for all other planning matters)