Planning policy

Planning Policy pages

Planning Policy is responsible for shaping development within the area, and sets out the plans and policies against which planning applications are determined. It's set out at both national and local levels.

National level

Published in March 2012, the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) replaced most of the previous national policy documents.

The Planning Portal provides more information about national level planning policy and legislation.

Local level

At the local level, the Local Development Framework (LDF) is a collection of documents which set out development priorities within Shropshire. Two of the key documents which make up the Shropshire LDF are:

Place plans have been developed in partnership with local communities, parish and town councils to identify local development priorities for each of Shropshire's communities.

A number of saved policies from the former district and borough council local plans also continue to apply.

Supplementary planning documents (SPDs)

Further SPDs are available on the planning policy pages.  

Affordable housing contribution

All new market housing developments are required to make a contribution towards the provision of affordable housing in accordance with Core Strategy Policy CS11.

Community infrastructure levy (CIL)

Certain developments will require a financial contribution to be made towards local infrastructure provision. Find out more about CIL provision within Shropshire.