Privacy Email newsletters and alerts

We use GovDelivery (a product owned by Granicus) to deliver email newsletters and alerts, based on the topics you select.

When you subscribe to one or more of our GovDelivery topics the email messages you receive will relate to:

  • The topic(s) you originally provided your email address for
  • Consultations and news updates that affect your locations of interest (you can choose these in your subscriber preference settings)
  • Any future changes and/or updates to the terms and conditions of your subscription to those topics
  • General emails about the GovDelivery service, such as:
    • Notifications of new topics available for you to subscribe to
    • An invite to complete a survey or questionnaire to gather feedback on this service

We may share the information you provide with other services within Shropshire Council to ensure that you receive the most relevant and up-to-date information from us, and to support other marketing and promotion.

Information you provide will be owned by us, and Granicus gives an undertaking to process information in accordance with EU-US Privacy Shield, which meets UK Data Protection Act requirements. For further reassurance take a look at GovDelivery's subscriber privacy policy.