For primary September applications, if the application is not received by 31 July, the authority may be unable to provide transport from the beginning of the autumn term and parents/carers will need to make their own transport arrangements. Access to school transport is not permitted until entitlement has been confirmed.

We provide free school transport for pupils who are:

  • of compulsory school age, reception through to the end of year 6
  • attending the nearest or catchment area school for the home address
  • living two miles or more from the nearest or catchment area school measured using the shortest available pedestrian route from where the home address meets the public highway to the nearest available entrance to the school grounds
  • medical pupil/parent will be considered for a pupil who is attending the nearest or catchment area school but living less than the statutory walking distance to school, where a medical condition prohibits a child walking to school or a parent accompanying a child to school. Medical evidence will be required
  • unsafe walking routes transport will be provided to those attending their nearest or catchment area school, but who are living less than the statutory walking distance to school, if the route has been assessed as ‘unsafe’ by the Authority and there is no alternative route available within the statutory walking distance

Before applying, please read the guidance notes, which provide more information about the eligibility criteria.

Applications can be submitted online by following the link below, over the phone with the Customer Service Team on 0345 678 9008 or, if you’d prefer, you can download the paper version of the application form.

There's no set time frame for applications to be processed although, we aim to respond within two weeks.

Applications made during the spring/summer terms for transport to start in September, will take longer to be processed, due to the volume of applications being received.

Apply for free school transport

Is your child attending the nearest and/or catchment primary school and living two miles or more from school? If so, they may be entitled to receive free school transport. Please read through the guidance notes using the link on this page and following that, should you wish to apply, please follow the link below.

For those with a statement of special educational needs

Applicants with a 'statement of special educational needs' or an 'education, health and care plan' must apply through our SEN team. Click on the 'Go to SEN transport now' button to access these application pages.

More information