Severe Speech and Language Impaired Children's Team (SSLIC)

Who are we?

The Specific Speech and Language Impaired Children's (SSLIC) Team is a school-based service which works with schools and parents to support children (in reception and up to key stage 1) who have a developmental language disorder (DLD) or a severe speech disorder.

The SSLIC Team is made up of specialist speech and language therapists and specialist language teachers.

What do we offer?

The team will:

  • Assess the child’s needs
  • Liaise with parents, class teacher and SENCo to make plans
  • Write input plans with specific targets
  • Provide specialist interventions in school on a weekly basis. This may involve the speech and language therapist, specialist language teacher or both, dependent on individual need
  • Review targets regularly and update plans accordingly

We can also offer a package of online training to schools and parents dependent on individual need, these include:

  • Contrastive pairs
  • Makaton
  • Early vocabulary and concepts
  • Visuals
  • Information carrying words

Who can access the service?

Children are referred to SSLIC by their local speech and language therapist or by a speech and language therapist based at the Child Development Centre. The child is referred if they have:

  • Severe difficulties with speech sounds
  • Severe difficulty formulating mature sentences
  • Difficulties understanding the language they hear spoken to them (DLD)

Other aspects of the child’s development will be within normal limits (in other words delays in speech and language aren't associated with other conditions such as significant general difficulties with learning or autism.

Contact us 

You can contact the SSLIC Team via telephone or email. The contact details are as follows:


The Specific Speech and Language Impaired Children's Team
Monkmoor Campus
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