Viewing planning applications

Online planning register

Details of current and historic planning applications can be viewed using the online planning register.

About the online planning register

Our register allows you to:

  • View and monitor the progress of planning applications online
  • Comment on an application online
  • See whether an appeal has been lodged, and the result of that appeal where applicable
  • View weekly and monthly lists of applications and decisions
  • Set up search profiles and be automatically notified by email
  • View registers of formal enforcement action taken by us

How do I use the system?

Details of how to use the online planning register are available in the quick reference guide under the related documents on this page.

Please note

  • You'll need to register to save searches and track applications (simply register your name and email address)
  • In Public Access Online Register, while drafting a comment, if you are logged out due to a time-out, when you log back in, the comment will be retained. This comment will be retained by that browser’s cookies for up to two days on the same machine until its submission. If you are still typing a comment after the 30 minute time out period, you will not be logged out of the site until you perform an action which will cause the page to refresh. You can log back in and pick back up where you left off at the time of log out. Documents are published online for the purpose of inspection in connection with planning applications, and in accordance with us fulfilling our statutory obligations. Use of any copy documents may be restricted by law, and we don't give permission for use of these copies for any purpose
  • To view details of historic decision notices you may need to contact your local area planning office. Our FAQ page tells you how