How can I view historic planning files?

The Public Access system provides details of planning applications determined by us and the former district, borough and county planning authorities. Simply enter details of the site in the search boxes provided. Please contact your local area office if the file you require is not available.

How do I find out if I need planning permission?

To find out whether planning permission, or any other consent, is required for a proposed works, please see the advice provided on the Planning Portal website.

Can I receive confirmation that planning permission is not required?

If you believe your building work won't require planning permission and you require written confirmation of this, you can apply for a lawful development certificate. This is a formal determination that your proposal is lawful, and is likely to come in useful when selling your property in the future.

Can I speak to a planning officer?

Planning officers are only available to discuss current applications or pre-application enquires, with the applicant(s) and or their agent(s), by appointment only. More general enquiries will be dealt with by our customer service advisors, who can be contacted on:

In the first instance, general information can be found on the relevant pages on this website, or by visiting the Planning Portal website.

I know I need planning permission and want some advice?

We're committed to the provision of an efficient and effective planning service, and offer a formal pre-application advice service as part of this commitment.

How can I find out more about the planning history of a site?

To view details of approved applications you can request a personal search to be carried out by the Local Land Charges Team. Please note that a personal search will not reveal applications which have been refused.

Should you wish to view full planning histories, including refused and/or withdrawn planning applications, please contact your relevant area office - the 'How do I contact my local area planning office' FAQ tells you how. You can view planning files by appointment in the area office. If you want information copied and sent to you there will be a charge for this service.

How do I contact my local area planning office?


In the first instance, please call the Shropshire Council Customer Service team on 0345 678 9004. They will be able to direct you to your local area office.



Post can be sent to the following address: Shropshire Council, PO Box 4826, Shrewsbury, SY1 9LJ

What are the practical waste collection issues I need to consider when building a new home?

It's essential that you make provision for waste and recycling - in particular the provision of sufficient space to store waste and enable access for large collection vehicles.

Further information is available on our advice note for developers document which details the provisions required for new developments.