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Please note that we're currently experiencing a significant increase in enquiries, and as a result there is a delay in logging cases. Please refrain from sending enquiries more than once to prevent duplicate cases, bear with us and we'll acknowledge your enquiry with a case reference.

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To submit a query to the Planning Enforcement Team for investigation, please fill in the 'report unauthorised planning development' form.  

What is planning enforcement?

Planning enforcement is the process by which we ensure that development without planning permission is investigated, and new development with planning permission takes place in accordance with the approved plans and conditions.

This service investigates complaints and controls, monitors development on the ground to ensure that it accords with approved plans, and that any agreed changes continue to respect and protect the environment.

Our Planning Enforcement Protocol guidance and planning enforcement FAQs give more information.

Details of current and historic planning applications can be viewed using the Online Planning Register.

Further information

Further information on the planning system, legislation and permitted development rights can be found on the Planning Portal website

The Planning Portal provides a range of guidance on building works and common projects including an interactive guide to when planning permission is required.